What would it be like if we spent 30 consecutive days without eating any form of processed sugars? This is what this challenge is all about.

I grew up on Sugar. Every day since I was a little boy I would consume Sugar several times a day. Sugar is delicious, addictive, affordable and it certainly is available everywhere I go. It is the key ingredient in what I considered to be my favorite foods: Ice creams, candy, chocolate, gum, gummies, drinks, deserts, cookies, cakes, etc. They come in all forms and shapes: Liquid, powder, chewy, solid, hot, cold, big, small – you name it! It is the classic example of comfort foods.

Growing up I never realized how bad Sugar actually was to my health and how addicted I was to it. I never spent one day without it. It just became second nature to my daily life. But then as an adult I started learning about how bad Sugar was for my health and decided it was time to cut it out of my diet.

As I tried to reduce it and eventually eliminate it from my diet I realized how hard it was to do it. I simply could not spend one (1) complete day free of Sugar. It was then when I realized how addicted I actually was to Sugar. So I tried harder and harder for months until I finally managed to spend just one (1) day without Sugar. Then I was able to do it for two (2) days. Later I went up to four (4) consecutive days without Sugar. It was really hard. After many attempts I finally achieved ten (10) consecutive days without Sugar.

While living in La Paz, Bolivia I decided to start a 30-Days challenge where I would not eat any form of Processed Sugars for 30 consecutive days. This would arguably be the most difficult task I had ever had to accomplish. And so I got started. This was the beginning of a wonderful journey.

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