Introducing a Lifestyle of
Nature’s Healthiest Foods

Here at our mission is to expand our health-conscious community through knowledge and education on the benefits and techniques on how to sprout and microgreen organic, non-GMO seeds, beans, nuts and grains at home in order to harvest low-cost, Nutrition-Rich, fresh, versatile foods also known as Super Foods, that are low in calories and that can improve your health and help you lose excess weight.

We are consciously spreading the word of the endless health benefits of eating Nutrition-Rich foods and teaching the public of all ages and origins the necessary easy-to-follow instructions on how to grow them yourself at home. With these knowledge and instructions together with the right seeds you are ready to become a sprouter in charge of your own nutrition and health management.

Our vision is to have a world-wide community of people who have decided to take control of their foods through a real alternative of cost-effective, healthy, delicious home-grown foods that are also Vegan, gluten-free, Kosher-friendly, organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free, antibiotic-free, sugar-free and fat-free with no MSG, no growth hormones, no preservatives and no animal testing or suffering, which makes both Sprouts and Microgreens to be in accordance with all creeds and social practices around the globe.

Be What You Eat