Processed and prepacked foods have become the most practical and convenient way to buy food on the market; they are easy to find and many of them are also ready-to-eat. But do we really know what’s in them? And, are these new extra ingredients really good for our bodies?

The secret to process these appealing and tasty foods that manage to stay preserved for very long periods of time is in the extra ingredients and preservatives food manufacturers put in these processed and prepacked foods.

Some of these ingredients include processed sugars, salts, fats, artificial flavorings such as MSG and other flavor enhancers, food preservatives, chemical color additives and many more chemical and artificial components and ingredients. These new artificial additives and ingredients that enhance these foods’ flavors and preserve them for such an unusual period of time were previously unknown to our bodies and bring no nutritional value to our diet. Moreover, we must take into account that many of these foods where genetically modified and/or sprayed with pesticide.

It may be “convenient” to process and consume these new foods but the truth is that it has been scientifically proven for a long time now that these new ingredients are very harmful to our health. Furthermore, these processed foods offer a high caloric value while also offer a very low nutritional value to our diets. The reason we have experienced an epidemic of obesity and other new previously uncommon medical conditions in our society during the last few decades is because we have switched from natural-based fresh foods to prepacked, processed foods. The only way we can reverse these symptoms is by going back to the old ways of nurturing our bodies with nutrition-rich foods.

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