Sugar is and has always been a very popular and sought after ingredient throughout history. It is commonly known and consumed daily by almost everyone around the globe. But how much do we really know about Sugar and its effects on our health?… Is Sugar really addictive?…Is there such thing as harmless Sugars?… If so, what is the difference between Natural Sugars and Processed Sugars?

Sugar certainly is still one of the most important commodities traded in the markets around the world. For too long now most people were unaware of the negative effects Sugar can have on our bodies. Most people are still unaware. However, slowly but surely people are awakening and starting to become more aware of Sugars and how addictive they actually are.

There are different types of sugars. Some forms of Sugars are actually worse than others. There are Natural Sugars which are the ones we find in fruits and other natural foods, and then there are the Processed Sugars and the Artificial Sugars which are the ones we find in most processed foods.

In the last century there have been extensive studies done on the different kinds of Sugars and their effects on our health. To our surprise it turns out that Processed Sugars are actually considered to be the worst ingredient we could possible consume in terms of the damage they do to almost every organ in our bodies. And then there is still another big problem with these Processed Sugars: They are extremely addictive. Unfortunately, we are not talking enough about this topic of the addiction to sugar and how to fight this terrible affliction.

Sugarholic Anonymous is a safe space created as a support group designed to encourage people to discover more about this topic and where we can openly talk and share experiences and tips on how to fight this addiction to Sugar.

Welcome to Sugarholic Anonymous.

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