After breaking my own personal record of 10-Days free of Sugars I had the opportunity to meet someone who lived two (2) whole years without Sugars. Now that’s an inspiration to continue on with this challenge.

Today is a day for celebration. On the 11th day of the challenge I have officially broken my own record of 10-Days free of Sugars. It feels great to finally get to this point and I feel great too. It takes a certain level of commitment to say no to Sugars in certain situations (if not all). For example today during lunch I was given a black Cuban coffee (which has a very strong taste) and had it without Sugar. That was a great test of will. Not everyone would drink and actually enjoy black Cuban coffee without Sugar, but for me it was quite alright. I feel that this practice of recording and reporting what I do during this challenge has helped me stay on track with my goal because I feel accountable to you, the viewers, and this makes me more responsible for the content of what I report here. This was a great idea!

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