What does it take to realize what we are doing to our bodies and to our health for us to admit that we need to change our ways? And once we realize it, what can we do about it? What is an effective way to transition into healing ourselves with food?

That was MY story. For years I ate and lived carelessly eating, drinking and consuming whatever was easily available, whatever tasted good and I would consume as much of it as I wanted regardless of the negative health effects they may have to my body. As a young free man I was enjoying the perks of youth and didn’t really yet suffer the negative effects of the type of life I was living until later. As I got older I started to feel the effects of the fatty, unhealthy foods and lifestyle I was choosing. Years of careless life choices had piled up and now it was time to suffer the health effects on my body. Little did I know it would come with such a high price. I got so fat and sick that I was forced to find a REAL solution to healing myself permanently instead of having to rely on certain chemical drugs to “treat symptoms” (which can also create endless side effects, counter effects, long-term negative effects, and many more known and unknown possible harmful effects).

Luckily I was blessed with the opportunity to learn more in details about foods. Which foods are harmful and why; which foods are good and why. I was also taught what is the real practical alternative to living a healthy lifestyle and taking control of my health through the foods I eat allowing me to continuously live a healthy life and felling healthy permanently while also losing the excess weight the healthy way through nutrient-rich foods instead of calories-rich foods. This is how my story began and how I managed to turn my life around and transition into a healthy lifestyle. Now I feel physically better than ever before, I’ve been continuously losing weight and I no long take any type of pharmaceutical drugs at all. This is my story.


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