Eating Sprouts is perhaps one of the best kept secrets of our time. Sprouts and Microgreens are the miraculous foods proven to have carry in them the richest concentration of nutrition in nature known to mankind, they offer numerous health benefits, they are delicious and easily combined with other foods, they are in accordance with all creeds and practices around the world, and they are easy to grown at home with a low budget. Then, why doesn’t everybody know about this millenary practice of Eating Sprouts?

smallWe, as a race, are always looking to improve our lives in every possible conceivable way through innovative and creative ideas looking for the best options and alternatives for our lives. In this age of modern technology, globalization, unity, information, development and endless discoveries we are still learning from ourselves and the world around us. But too often we seem to miss some of the simplest gifts present in nature.

The truth is that throughout the ages, much before this era of electricity, industry and technology,  different peoples of various cultures and creeds around the globe had already started sprouting as healthy practice in search of good nutrition. Nowadays; however, with all these new advances in science and genetical manipulation of DNAs we seem to have switched from a more basic understanding and use of natural foods into new man made subgenera of seeds and industrial foods.

Now foods are sprayed with poisonous pesticides, processed with chemical unnatural additives and ingredients rich in unhealthy calories and poor in nutritional value. It’s not a great mystery why we are now experiencing these new epidemic of obesity and previously uncommon illnesses. In terms of food advancements we seem to have taken the wrong path.  But not for much longer. Things are changing now and this is why we are here at

In this space of we are going to share with you the forgotten secrets of how to get the best of nature in your daily life. Here you are going to learn how to turn your life around and take control of your foods by incorporating nutrition-rich natural elements in your diet. We are going to cover all the basics of the different foods and Sprouts, we are going to teach the information and the techniques necessary to Sprouts and Microgreen seeds, beans, nuts and grains, as wells as the processes of fermenting of foods and drinks rich in probiotic, and also share some recipes and ideas on how to combine other foods with Sprouts.

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Welcome to the medicine of the ages!

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food –  Hippocrates

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