A whole new week has gone by and I am still living free of Sugars. By now just a little taste of a sweet drink is too sweet for me. That’s a good sign!

From the 18th to the 24th day of the challenge I have continued eating fried meats, junk foods and beers. Unfortunately, eating these fattening foods is definitely not helping me lose weight. However, on the positive side I learned that even the smallest sip of a sweet drink would feel disgustingly sweet for me. For the first time since the beginning of the challenge I had a small sip of passion fruit juice to see if it had sugar and it did. It was awful. It wasn’t the fruit juice; it was the Sugar in it. This comes to show that once our palate become unacquainted with Sugar for several days or weeks then any sweet is too sweet for me, and that even the smallest taste of Sugar can be quite disgusting. This new experience marks a big difference from what it used to be like for me. This is proof of improvement.

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