Another five (5) days have successfully gone by without eating any Sugars but that doesn’t mean I’m eating healthy anymore. However, the craving for Sugars seems to lessen more every day.

From the 12th to the 17th day of the challenge I have not been eating well at all. I’ve even been partying and drinking beers (which I normally don’t do) plus I have been eating a lot of potato chips, rice, bread, cheese, butter, fried pork and other very fattening foods that don’t help me lose weight but instead I may have caused me to gain some. But this challenge is only about not eating Processed Sugars, and in that regard I have been doing very well. In fact by now, during this 3rd week into the challenge, I’m pretty much not craving Sugars like I did before anymore which proves that as time progresses it is easier to continue with this practice. The first few days are the hardest.

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